Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk 10 Kg (1 kg free)

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TYPE: Puppy Food


ABOUT : Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk Dog Food 10 Kg is a healthy and complete meal for your Puppy dog, packed with proteins (from meat) & vitamins (from vegetables) to fulfill the high energy requirements in Puppy Dogs. Pedigree Food promises the 5 signs of good health with the diet. It contains optimal blend of Omega 6 + Zinc to promote healthier skin and a shiny coat. Optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus helps in maintaining strong teeth and bones. It also contains Dietary Fiber to promote a healthy digestion which in turn ensures a high nutrient absorption. Meat present in the diet completes the protein requirement of the dogs whereas vegetables supply all essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body in optimal condition. Balanced proportion of Vitamin E and minerals boosts the overall immunity.


  • Top quality ingredients for greater taste and healthier digestion
  • Omega fatty acids and Zinc encourages a healthy skin and a radiant coat.
  • Superior antioxidant formula to fight free radicals present in the body thus boosting the overall immune system.
  • Rich protein content from chicken to maintain lean muscle mass and to repair body tissues.

Meat and Meat by-products, Chicken and Chicken by-products, Vegetables and Vegetable by-products, Vegetable oils, Milk powder, Iodized salt, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Cereals and Cereal by-products, Permitted Preservatives, Antioxidants and Flavor, No beef or pork.

Crude Protein (24%), Fat (10%), Crude Fiber (5%)


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